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Aadhaar as a hindrance in the way of welfare delivery! It’s a surprise, that 30 million ration cards were cancelled for not being linked with the Aadhaar database. There were some reported starvation deaths in some states, due the glitches in Aadhaar. During the year 2016 and 2018, there were about 27 presumed deaths related to Aadhaar. About 90 percentage of the population were using Aadhaar for various purposes. Both governments should come forward to remove the hurdles and to allow alternative arrangements, as early as possible to the needy. So that genuine beneficiaries were not denied due subsidies. Both central and state governments should decentralized; dispersal of services at the panchayat level.

Reference: https://thewire.in/rights/of-42-hunger-related-deaths-since-2017-25-linked-to-aadhaar-issues. Of 42 ‘Hunger-Related’ Deaths Since 2017, 25 ‘Linked to Aadhaar Issues’.

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