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Chief Justice of India 2021

Nuthalapati Venkata Ramana (N.V.Ramana) is appointed as 48th chief justice of India. The Chief Justice of the Republic of India, is otherwise called as the chief judge of the Supreme Court of India. It is considered as the highest-ranking officer of the Indian Federal Judiciary. He will assume responsibility on 24 April 2021 and has a term till 26 August 2022, with a residency of 8 years in the Supreme Court of India. Previously, he was the Chief Justice of Delhi High Court and the acting Chief Justice of Andhra Pradesh High Court. He has likewise filled in as the president of the Andhra Pradesh Judicial Academy. The chief justice of India is appointed by the President of India on the basis of nomination by other judges of Supreme Court


N.V. Ramana, B.Sc., B.L., was born on August 27, 1957 at Ponnavaram Village, Krishna District, Andra Pradesh. He was brought up in an agrarian family. He was enlisted as an Advocate on February 10, 1983. He practiced law in the High Court of Andhra Pradesh, Central and Andhra Pradesh Administrative Tribunals and the Supreme Court of India in Civil, Criminal, Constitutional, Labor Service and Election matters. He had spent significant time in Constitutional, Criminal, Service and Inter-State River laws. He had additionally worked as panel counsel for different government organizations. He had taken part in many national and international conferences held in India and abroad and submitted papers on different subjects of legal significance. He had worked as additional standing counsel for central government and standing counsel for railways in the central administrative tribunal at Hyderabad. He had likewise worked as additional advocate general of Andhra Pradesh. He was delegated as a perpetual Judge of the Andhra Pradesh High Court on June 27, 2000. He worked as Acting Chief Justice of Andhra Pradesh High Court from March 10, 2013 until May 20, 2013. Even though, there were few allegations of corruption and malpractices against him, he was made the chief justice of India stating that those allegations were false, frivolous and motivated.

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