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     The aim of the project is to create and manage polling and election details. This is a system which enables all citizens to cast their vote online. Increasing the voting percentage across the country is the major goal of this project. People have to visit the booth to cast their vote in the present system across the country. This system is online and hence even people who live out of their home town can also vote. Database of all the eligible citizens and candidates are maintained by the system.

After registration, the voter is assigned a secret Voter ID with which he/she can use to log into the system and enjoy services provided by the system such as voting. If invalid/wrong details are submitted, then the citizen is not registered to vote. In “ONLINE VOTING SYSTEM” a voter can use his\her voting right online without any difficulty. He\She has to fill a registration form to register himself\herself. All the entries is checked by the DATABASE which has already all information about the voter. If all the entries are correct then a USER ID and PASSWORD is given to the voter, by using that ID and PASSWORD he\she can use his\her vote. If conditions are wrong then that entry will be discarded.

Software/ Language:

C# .Net , Microsoft SQL


High security which reduces the dummy votes.

Sample Screenshot


  • Administrator Module
  • User Module

Wrapping Up

Online Voting System allows the voters to include their details, which is then matched with an already saved image within a database that is retrieved from Aadhaar card database of the government. The voting system is managed in a simpler way as all the users must login by aadhaar card number and click on his/her favorable candidates to cast the vote. By using this  project, it provides enough security which reduces the dummy votes.

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